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  Getting Your EV Conversion Approved & Registered

Please be aware that some of the information supplied below is specifically for South Australia. Other states may have similar requirements, but you must check with your local authorities before starting on your conversion.

The steps below are set out for a 'car'; the same steps would be similar for any electric vehicle conversion.


Firstly, visit or contact the Safety and Regulation Division of the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure at Regency Park (Regency Park. Phone 1300 882 248). You will need to collect or download these documents:-




ote: for MR620

Where a section is not modified, simply put the letters “STD” for standard.



You should talk to one of these engineers at the beginning as they can give you ideas and may want to check progress with you along the way.


There are two other documents which can be downloaded from the internet which contain a wealth of useful information.
These are National Code Of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification documents:-

  • "Vehicle Standards Bulletin 13(14)
    - Section LV Alternative Power Units"
  • "Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14
    - National Guidelines For The Installation Of Electric Drives In Motor Vehicles"



Download from: http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/



Contact the Chartered Professional Engineer, you have selected ** to discuss the project. They may want to be across the proceedings along the way.

** See note above ^^  

Read the "Conversion To Electric Drive" fact sheet (or Information Bulletin 74) thoroughly because this must be complied with before you have your car inspected by the Vehicle Standards branch at Regency Park.

All aspects must be complied with or the vehicle will not be approved.  

Have your car weighed at a Registered Weighbridge for total weight and individual front and rear weight. Do this before you start and again when you have finished the conversion. An official weight is required at the completion of the conversion to submit at the time of inspection.

See list of South Australian locations:
Public Weighbridges

Check that the weighbridge can supply an official weigh note before your visit.

I had mine done at Marion Sand & Metal at Mitchell Park.

This cost me $13.00 to obtain an official weight.


Once you have worked out which electric motor and which type of batteries you are going to use, complete the "Application To Modify Motor Vehicle" (MR620) form and send it to Regency Park (The address is on the form). If accepted they will send you a "Statement of Requirements". Once this is received the proposed modification can commence. You then have approximately one year to complete the conversion otherwise you must apply (within that year) to extend your "Statement of Requirements".

This form is not designed for electric motors. Simply cross the "YES" box for "Is Engine modified?" and then detail what you are going to do in the "Additional Information" section.

Any section of the form for parts of the car not being altered can be noted with "STD" in those places.

Regency Park may contact you to verify details with you.


One thing to check is Australian Design Rule #60 if your car was made after July 1989.
This states:
ADR 60—Centre High Mounted Stop Lamp

The function of this Australian Design Rule is to specify requirements for a supplementary ‘Centre High-mounted Stop Lamp’ on the rear of the vehicle, to provide an additional indication to other road users to the rear of the vehicle that the driver of the vehicle is applying the service brakes.

Also check that you car has a Tyre/Wheel/Axle/Vehicle load capacity sticker usually in the drivers door jamb. (ADR 24?)

If your car was made after July 1989, ensure that you fit a 'Centre Mounted Stop Lamp', if one is not fitted, otherwise you may have 2 visits to Regency Park.  

Once you have completed modifying your car to electric drive, have the Chartered Professional Engineer check your car and supply you with an engineering submission showing that your car meets all of the applicable Australian Design Rules and that all modifications have been done to the standard required. This is to done at least 5 days before the appointment with the Vehicle Inspection Station at Regency Park.

The cost for this has been quoted to be approx. $500.00 plus GST ** See note above ^^  

The next step is to make an appointment (Bookings 1300 882 247) with the Vehicle Inspection Station  for an inspection of your vehicle. (Kateena St at Regency Park)  Vehicle Inspection Fees
Take the engineering submission you obtained from the Chartered Professional Engineer, your "Statement Of Requirements" and your official weight notes with you. Arrive at least 10 minutes early for the appointment to get the paper work out the way. Remember to attach a Trade Plate or obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit from any Department for Transport... Fees for this permit Customer Service Centre, before driving your car to Regency Park, if your car is not registered.

All the best!  

You can now register your car as an electric vehicle.
  EV smile now evident...if not previously!  

Done !!! Enjoy the quiet driving.  

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